Tuesday, February 24, 2009

mmm good

at the request of Mr Moo at the right and Maukie on the left-- I am putting up two different (crafted) kitties -- One is a furball and one is a gourd made into a kitty---I am woring on a wired jewelry type kitty-- but I cant find where I hid it from myself whe I got frustrated hohoho I dont have mr Moos patienes but I do have his curiousity mmmmmm


needlewings said...

My goodness, I thought the top cat was real! Great job! I knew the bottom one was and the middle one not. lol Love the gorde cat too!

Linda Fleming said...

OMG! I love that kitty gourd! How clever, Jan. And what cute cats- especially the first one- such a darling face.

Kai said...

Did you MAKE those cats????? (Not Mr. Moo - LOL! - I know you didn't make HIM!) If you DID, I just HAVE to know how you made that first one. I swear that looks REAL! I want to MAKE one!!! Love the gourd cat, too! What CAN'T you DO, my Jan? You constantly astound me!