Monday, February 9, 2009


I am making a "mermaid" necklace--- for my mom's birthday..which is in March-- so the color will be right on--- and then she lives in Fla--- SO the only problem will be-- will SHE like it??? hmmmm --I had these embossing powders sitting round-- and some aqua stones---and one thing led to another... I finally got some new batteries for my camera-- but the pixs still arent that good-- guess I need a new camera !!! Ya think??


Nita Butler said...

Oh Jandee, Love the necklace! I betcha your mom will love it too!


Kai said...

My Jan, if your mom DOESN'T love it, there's just NO pleasing her! It's GORGEOUS! The colors are perfect for a mermaid's home, and your mermaid is wonderful! I love how you posed her on the necklace!