Tuesday, February 24, 2009

break time

With my artistic ADD -- I always need a breakaway from what I am doing-- and someone asked if I made face cabs ?? Haven't in maybe a year--- soooo---Time to practice and here are my first few . on a paper plate no less--.I wasnt happy with them --- too ordinary-- but all I was going for is ----DO I like polymer or airdry clay.. and what finishes???!!! Lucky me tho!! my daughter took them to work-- and traded them for this book..Stumpwork figures --She knows I like to work small-- and now that I am in a PIN group this should be great!?!?!

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Kai said...

THERE'S my Jan! I need to look up 'stump dolls' so I can see 'zac'ly what they are! They look TINY. And you do the BEST faces! My favorite of the group pictured is the one with the kind of sad face. She's WONDERFUL! AND the one with the BIG EYES! And, and, and ...!