Saturday, May 21, 2011

more bugs

This is one of my WIP !! I am deciding what "wings" to make her --I thot of needle felting some !! Going to have to get some suggestions !!? May put her on my face book and ask??? since she is clay with a milifori body --should I stick with clay?? DO the needle felting or just use some paper wings or cloth wings I already have made ?? Wish I had the visions my young students have-- they know what they vision and go right to it..I have already been told what to add to my lil GLO worm below ..She need shoes and a hair bow..or so I am told!! Lets see if I add them??haha maybe let one of my young students add them?? but would that be honest?? for a swap??? SO many questions today!! What say you?? Most probably have to rely on my trusty face book friends to comment but at least I am blogging again for now anyway ... ..

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Kai said...

Such a BEAUTY! I think you should shake things up & give her ribbon wings! SHE'S WONDERFUL, mt Jan, & whatever you use will be EXACTLY right! You always say you need advice, but YOU have the BEST instincts for what is needed!