Thursday, May 19, 2011


No-- Not "summer" bugs --but "swap" bugs!! Cindy over at Thimbleprims is having a "bug" swap! Once I made one-- I have gone "bug" happy--- and have made a few!! And true to my crazy muse they are in different medias..Here are my first two and I have three more W_I_P also different medias Which I will show when I get my camera back..It was borrowed --ahem!! needs to be returned !! Anway ---I hope to be able to put up Cindy's swap badge-- and I encourage you to hop over there and sign up ---She has the neatest swaps and the neatest people swapping--all the time!!

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Enchanted Hollow Designs said...

OMG!!!! I LOVE your bug creations! I especially love the one in the last photo--the one with the pink cloth body and a little face and off white/beigey wings. Wonderful!
I know what you mean about getting bitten by the bug, um bug. : )
Lots of love from,