Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wellllll Lets face it

I "am" the worlds worst photographer..Ms Kittee's (IMHO) eyes were her best feature and they look awful in the pix----Still trying tho-- here is two more awful attempts for my March madness--Trying to make something Irish---Had some small dried mushrooms (shrooms as they call them around here) that reminded me of a Leprechaun and some green felt that-- you guessed it-- reminded me of clover.. Should have been a four leaf deal but we wont go into that ha ha...too big for the pin I had started out to do--Oh welll I have a lot of March birthdays and I am behind in giveaways and--Something will come of all of this !?!?!? I hope!?!?!!?

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Kai said...

Well, I LOVE her beautiful eyes! And I also love how you think, my Jan! A mushroom to a 4-leaf clover. Hmmmmm ...! I would not have seen that one coming! That's why YOU are the artist & I am the crafter!