Saturday, February 12, 2011

I am B ack

Whew--- Did the bug make its rounds here!!!Took Kami to the doctor yesterday and she didn't check out for flu--- I guess the flu has its own meds -- that are useless for anything else-- but ears were bad-- and throat and fever----To me --just as sick ---and required meds --Us/ adults just went thru Motrin and Advil and Bayers and anything that the mean time I got the bestest--- get well/ valentine[ and friend card from Kai-- ALways a smile giver that Kai!! Anyway...posted a pix here and hug up the sign on my door to keep me smiling

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Kai said...

Horrid Ray said it would have been funnier (I wasn't GOING for 'funny', Ray!)(if I'd made only the MIDDLE finger raised. I'm SO not amused by him. But I'm GLAD you like my sign language 'I LOVE YOU!' ('Cause I DO, you know! LOVE YOU, that is!)