Sunday, November 28, 2010


A prize winning doll --lost in our- move ---- and all evidence of her plus magazines of other dolls --- had me gosh and gollying around here ---until a very wonderful lady ---named Marianna --- sent me her own saved magazine--- with one of the gals in them --- MY ELNA ---Thank you!! thank you!!! Marianna!! I feel so silly fretting over a doll--- but one of my favorites--- Eleanor Peace Bailey-- had a doll across from mine in the same magazine---How neat is that??? Now to get my hands on an ADQ and Dolls and DIM and and and Are you listening SANTA teehee Yep I have lost it and I didnt even drink the eggnog yet~?~?~


Kai said...

It hurts my heart as much as it does YOURS that some of your beautiful dolls 'went missing' as they say on the news. This lovely Gypsy lady was one of your most gorgeous ones! I hope one day they ALL turn up!

creativedawn said...

What a beautiful doll! would love to own one!
hoping that your dolls make it back home to you!