Sunday, November 28, 2010

Restless again!?!?!

Dont know-- if it was all those angels orders -- Am not a fan of repetition ---as you no doubt guessed !?!? --or just my normal ??ADD--Need to find a "New" thing to play with-- for awhile anyway--to get refreshed-- I didnt snap the progress Of the dolls Here-- They are just proof -- I am still dolling!?!?! DIDNt even snap the beaded angel hankies and the ornament Santas-- etcetc -- in my rush to get them --- sent/out --BUT -- I have plenty left for the holidays to get started on-- when I get my camera back--- ( MY daughter took it-- because it is small and easy to carry to take pixs and YESSSSS My granddaughter's team won "first place" BUt of course!! Think I am feeling sad tho --over the loss of my mini molds --in Illinois (Yep I was part of the miniature crowd)and more importantly loss of a friend who did resin-- WE had wanted to make resin bjds togeather ( FOrever--- it seems --- that'll teach me not to put off "till" --- cuz sometimes there is no " TILL" --SHe had pancreatic cancer -- and was gone two weeks-- after they diagnosed it!!!Between my youngest sons sudden death and hers --- I am still numb!!! AMazing how we carry on anyway---


Kai said...

I'll ask you about this privately when I email again tomorrow. I love you!

creativedawn said...

You are in my prayers! Hang in there!