Saturday, June 6, 2009

OH MY I am sooo excited

"PNKY" won first place-- in mixed media challenge in a UK Club --I belong to-- Think My face is pinker than her hair--- but it is a great feeling Specially since some eye surgery is coming up and I may not be able to create or create much for awhile Oh My see ya when I stop walking on air hmmmm


Risa said...

Congratulations, Jan. That is spectacular. I LOVE "pinky". Good luck with your eye surgury. Hugs, Risa

Kai said...

Wow! I am FINALLY able to leave a comment on your blog, my Jan! It's been being naughty to me. We'll have to name it Posa Bihia II!BWAHAHAHAHA! I already told you how proud I am that Pinky was recognized for the lil' beauty she IS! AND that YOU were recognized for the wonderful artist YOU are! But I'll say it again right HERE! Oh ... wait. I just DID say it, huh? I'M SUPER PROUD OF YOU!!!