Sunday, June 14, 2009

Meet my new fella

Project really --- I decided to make TED E.. BEAR--- IN fact I received some pixs of animals from my DAZ site ---That are so cute -- they call them TOONS -- but they have charactor ( DAZ is a 3d illustrator site-- ANyway--- I may try more---Since I find half the fun is figuring out how to make them --without a pattern//Keeps my boredom level low -- but does elevate the frustration level at times--- MY Bad -- What ever -- He is made of Non- pill- fleece and he will stay naked --until I finsh some other projects-- like CHallenges and swaps etc I am behind in -- Kami said -- that is okay -- because she like his lil belly showing??


Risa said...

He is adorable!!! I love him.. Jan, you are so talented! :-)

Kai said...

HEY! Naughty has his own BEAR! I LOVE him! 'Course I love TED, too! I agree with you, Kami! That lil' tummy is WAY too cute! My Jan, you just wait - EVERYONE is going to want one of these little guys!

Rubina said...

Thank you Jandee for your compliment and I really love your creations , you done marvelous work.