Friday, February 3, 2012

Just a little Fall

But I can craft Anywhere-- hi-hi----even in bed and  in pain----and to prove it  I have helped my granddaughter make her board game with figures and cards and all--I have sent out two paper swaps--''(Trying the Stamping crafts)--And I have finished (part) of my swap for Sherry Goshen's Valentine swap- A ten inch felt doll--- All hand sewn-----SO ---no posts --doesn't mean I am not crafting !! Just forget to take pixs (the board game  went to school before I knew it was gone)and a couple of other things were whisked customers (with a WHEW from me that I got it done in time)..  before I  could get a pix..Yea!! I am getting slower in my old age--But I am still crafting!!And to prove it  I do have a few pixs for you!! And yes I am out of bed now--So Beware---the restless crafter is back!!

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